Grain and Price Discovery and Supply Chain Management That's Easy

  • AGI SureTrack™ is truly independent and includes trusted hardware solutions for bin monitoring, automated grain conditioning, soil probes, and weather stations.
  • Our trusted equipment solutions include: BinManager™, FieldDataManager™, DryerManager™, TankManager™, and Farmobile PUC™ device OR Farmobile®
  • AGI SureTrack™ offers grain buyers a secure and efficient cloud-based supply chain management tool.
  • Dynamically manage location-specific pricing. Develop product-specific programs to find the exact grain you need. Easily conduct grain discovery.
  • Use the Marketplace to source the grain characteristics you want: protein, oil, starch.
  • Negotiate in-app, monitor, communicate, schedule, and manage grain purchases directly from farms.
  • Monitor your purchased grain in your facility and on the farms you’ve contracted with.
  • With AGI SureTrack™, you can better develop your grower networks and also source grain specific to your needs or your customer needs based on 140 layers of data collected at the farm.

Real-Time Continuous Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring for both on-site and off-site storage.
  • Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Know what you buy. Monitor what you contract.
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AGI Equipment and Maintenance Solutions

  • AGI SureTrack™ users get exclusive access to the widest range of storage, conditioning and handling equipment in the industry.
  • AGI brands include some of the most famous brands in agriculture including AGI Grain Bins™, Westeel™, NECO™, Tramco™, HiRoller™, Airlanco™, Westfield™, Batco™ and so much more.
  • AGI provides live-equipment data streams, CMC Hazard Monitoring Systems, and preventative maintenance solutions for your facilities.
  • If you need more storage, more aeration, a dryer, a fuel tank or anything else lets us know. Contact AGI Sales directly and take advantage of special pricing for AGI SureTrack™ customers.
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