Samantha Scantlebury


Growing up in Missouri, I am used to the saying, “You don’t like the weather? Wait a minute – it will change.” And boy, is that true. I’m sure that most other parts of the country have a saying similar in nature. The variability of the weather is a daily reality and one that we at IntelliFarms feel is important to account for when it comes to field management. More than just understanding generally what the weather in your area is via or NOAA, understanding the weather that is affecting your field is going to make a difference in the decisions you need to make in field management.

That’s why we believe our FieldDataManager system is so powerful. It’s real-time data, from your field. And the data is completely yours to own. With the tool, you know exactly what the wind conditions are in a field that could be 25 miles away, so you know if it’s worth the time and drive to go out there and spray. Or you know if your field really got that rain that was predicted or not, and how that impacts irrigation decisions. A customer of ours has two of these systems placed a few miles apart and he is constantly talking about the often substantial differences in precipitation between the two – never again will he assume that just because one field in the area got a certain amount of rain that the other did as well.

I encourage you to watch the video below and hear what a real FieldDataManager customer of ours has to say about the convenience and degree of insight the system offers.

IntelliFarms customer Brad Law on his experience with the FieldDataManager.

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