Todd Sears


Get ready for a big event in Kansas City focused not just on agriculture technology, but more importantly, on how new ideas and technologies can help farmers succeed and remain independent even during these tougher times in ag.

I’m thrilled to announce that IntelliFarms is hosting a Technology Summit on Wednesday, March 23 at the Westin Crown Center of Kansas City. We’re calling the event Technology for Independence, and have lined up some exciting exhibitors and speakers, including our featured speaker, Kevin Van Trump of the Van Trump Report.

As I’ve said before, agriculture data and technology shouldn’t be used to bully or intimidate farmers. These tools should be harnessed to bring value and profit to the farm. At the 2016 Technology Summit, the presentations, exhibitors, and speakers will all focus less on the technology and more on how farmers can use information available to them today make the right choices for their needs of today and tomorrow.

Featured Speaker and Exhibitors

You can learn more about Technology for Independence on the event webpage, You’ll find information about breakout sessions and lodging.

You won’t want to miss our featured speaker, Kevin Van Trump. Kevin will speak after lunch on Wednesday, and his macro view on market influences and other global and socioeconomic factors shaping ag is always thought-provoking and powerful. He is undoubtedly one of the leading experts in agriculture markets and analysis.

We’ve also signed up half a dozen of the leading agriculture technology vendors to showcase the latest in tools and technologies that can help keep farmers farming efficiently, profitably and ultimately, independently.

Win an IntelliFarm!

And to add to the excitement, we’ll be giving away a complete IntelliFarm! A drawing will be held to win a complete IntelliFarms system, including BinManager grain management system, a FieldDataManager field weather station and wireless soil moisture probes, a year’s access to the IntelliFarms Portal with YieldFax, MarketManager and CashBidManager tools, 80 acres of Biologicals products and a dedicated IntelliFarms specialist.

All attendees will be eligible to enter this random drawing.

I can’t wait for this event. Education, whether through outreach in local communities with our nationwide workshops or our well-received two-day IntelliFarms University, has always been a cornerstone of our company’s strategy. The 2016 Tech Summit is the latest addition to that focus, and I hope to see you there. I encourage you to share with others you know who may be interested in this event.