We Hire Heroes

AGI SureTrack Team


As American as apple pie and baseball, agriculture is the steadfast industry of a country of doers, innovators and entrepreneurs, and at the heart of every acre harvested is the American soldier. An often-unspoken commitment, from the small farming communities to the large cooperatives, from boardroom tables to dinner tables, agriculture’s unwavering support of our military forces and the men and women who protect and serve our country is a constant.

At AGI SureTrack™, our sentiments are no different. Our mission today and always, is to give back to those who serve — a mission upheld through the launch of the We Hire Heroes recruitment and hiring program.

We Hire Heroes not only offers soldiers the opportunity to learn a new trade but also provide the service community with another network of support as they discharge from their respective branches of service.

The idea to hire veterans began several years ago when Buddy Sears, BinManager® Installation Manager, hired the husband of his wife’s best friend, Rick Romano. As a retired Marine, it wasn’t long before the synergies between the work that AGI SureTrack does and the skills our military members possess became evident.

“In any branch of the military, you have to be able to adapt and overcome different scenarios. Every job-site is different and there is no one there to hold your hand,” Romano says. “You have to have a mindset of perseverance and be a problem solver. Vets are trained to do those things.”

For the past three years, AGI SureTrack has continued to recruit vets to fulfill BinManager installation needs. The model has been successful and today the full-scale recruitment program, We Hire Heroes, has been launched in a continued commitment to not only inactive military service members.

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Gordon Obermueller joined AGI SureTrack in August as the We Hire Heroes program’s first recruiter, a role he is finding to be rewarding both personally and professionally as he helps service members from all branches of our military transition from active duty to civilian life.

“Recruitment is only one of my roles in this position. One of the initiatives we have is to help other organizations in identifying and helping funnel our vets on-staff, and the vets we visit with, to PTSD counseling. We aren’t certified to have those conversations or be the professional support they need, but we want to get that conversation started and help connect them with the right resources,” says Obermueller.

In only his fourth month, Obermueller has already talked with thousands of active and recently discharged service members around the country to fill the need for installers in different regions of the U.S. Additionally, the program is ramping up to fill other career opportunities within the company.

His work is far from complete, however, as AGI SureTrack continues to grow, reaching new customers, in new areas, demands additional expansion on the installer team—a story we are excited to share through our We Hire Heroes outreach. Beginning on Veteran’s Day, and continuing each month, look for installer profiles, program partnership spotlights, details and events and Gordon’s updates as he travels the country working in search of our next, We Hire Heroes’ recruit.

Follow the We Hire Heroes story at -  info.intellifarms.com/suretrackheroes