Six Month Note from Our Chief Operating Officer

Adam Weiss

Six Month Note from Our Chief
    Operating Officer | IntelliFarms

Six months into my role as Chief Operating Officer at IntelliFarms, I wanted to share some of my thoughts. First, I’d like to thank our customers. You mean a great deal to us. We are a rapidly growing company, but we haven’t forgotten that our customers are the whole reason we do this. At IntelliFarms, our entire purpose is to truly help farmers be more profitable at every stage of the growing cycle.

Having worked with, and been a customer of other grain management companies, I can truly say that BinManager® is by far the best system available on the market. The science and research we continually put into BinManager gives you better visibility, control and peace of mind for your stored grain. The recent launch of our next generation BinManager is evidence of our commitment.

If you are a BinManager customer, I invite you to take advantage of the other great products that are included as part of your SureTrack FARM™ subscription. No other bin management company has these tools or capabilities.

As you decide what seed to plant next year, check out YieldFax. We have the industry’s largest database of field trial test plot results. We want to give you the data and power to make the most-informed decision. Search by your area, soil type and commodity for the best yield. Or, if you are growing for a specific purpose, search for oil, protein or starch content. We are completely unbiased and have no interest in what seed you ultimately choose. Think about that. We have absolutely nothing to gain… just satisfied, informed farmers improving their operations.

Likewise, I know you all have ways to market your grain. You belong to a co-op or deliver to a couple different elevators. I invite you to look at CashBidManager. If you enter your production and transportation costs, we give you up-to-date cash bids and your profit for each truck load. Often times, if you would deliver just 20 miles down the road, you could literally increase your profit by thousands of dollars. Again, this service is already included as part of your SureTrack FARM subscription. Why wouldn’t you spend a few minutes to see if you could increase your profit?

I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what IntelliFarms has to offer. Next time, we’ll talk more about “Growing for a Purpose.” I hope you take advantage of all SureTrack FARM has to offer. As always, if you have any questions, reach out to your IntelliFarms Customer Service Representative… they’re always there for you!


Adam Weiss
Chief Operating Officer