Share Your Farm Data with Your Trusted Advisers

IntelliFarms Team

    Advisers | SureTrack FARM™ | IntelliFarms

IntelliFarms is continually working to improve and add features to SureTrack FARM™ that help farmers get the most out of their farm operations. Our latest feature is the Trusted Adviser connection which allows farmers to share their farm data with their trusted teams.

IntelliFarms stands firm that the farm data belongs to the farmer, no one else. This is why we created the Trusted Advisers connection - because it’s your right to share your data with whom you want.

You can now invite your Trusted Advisers to help manage your farm operations with controlled access to your farm data. You can choose to share your data with your agronomist, marketing strategist or a trusted farm hand - anyone you choose.

Once you connect with your advisers they only see the areas that you have given them permission to access. You can choose to share BinManagerⓇ, FieldDataManager, CashBidManager and MarketingManager access. And at any time, you can remove access to your data; you have control over who you share your data with at all times.

It’s easy to get started, all you need is their email address. Sign into your SureTrack FARM account today to check it out. You will find it under the “Connections” section.