Running on Empty… No More!

IntelliFarms Team

TankManager |

You are racing the clock to get the hay cut before the rain comes. You stop by the fuel tank to fill up on your way out to the field… nothing happens… your tank is empty… you don’t have time to wait for more fuel to be delivered. This can’t be happening…

Is this a constant worry for your farm? SureTrack FARM™ now includes TankManager which allows you to view inventory levels of propane, natural gas, diesel, heavy oil, water and any other kind of liquid tanks from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Not only can you monitor fuel levels, but the system can also send refill requests on your behalf directly to your provider - ensuring you never run out. Maybe you would rather control your refill requests, that’s okay too. TankManager makes it easy to manually send refill requests to your provider directly from SureTrack FARM right where you check your tanks. It’s just that easy!

TankManager provides additional details as well, such as:

  • Current fill levels
  • Alarm status
  • Number of days until empty
  • Temperature
  • And much more

No more running on empty with TankManager in your toolbox of resources! SureTrack FARM is continually working to help farmers bring increased value and profit back to the farms. Interested in learning more about SureTrack FARM or TankManager? Request more information from your IntelliFarms' District Sales Manager, click here to find your rep.