Interpreting Your Data Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

IntelliFarms Team

New 3D Storage View |

We just released our new 3D bin visualizations for BinManagerⓇ, the industry-leading grain bin management solution. These new 3D views provide intuitive visualizations of the temperature and moisture data coming from inside the bin. Farmers can now quickly understand exactly what’s going on and why.

Our new 3D bin visualizations provide a 360° view of each bin. Each cable is individually identified and reports temperature and moisture* readings at each sensor level. You can easily rotate the bin around or up and down to get the view you want. The tool allows you to zoom in and out of the grain to further inspect the visualized data. The grain mass is color coded to quickly show the condition of the grain within the bin and bring attention to trouble spots. This new 3D view brings to light how your grain is being stored and its condition.

One key benefit to the 3D view is the ability to see how moisture fronts pass through the bin and affect the grain. For example, if you have peaked grain, air will not flow through the center of the grain mass and the visualizations will show dryer grain at the outside and wetter grain in the center. Previously it would have been difficult to spot the issue using sensor data, however with the 3D views it is now apparent at a glance.

The new 3D bin visualizations are available with BinManager and BinCheckDeluxe. BinManager is part of the SureTrack FARM™ online solution helping farmers increase value and profit at each stage of the farming cycle, from seed selection to improved crop growth to grain storage management to new market opportunities. If you are a current customer sign in to your SureTrack FARM account now to check it out, if you aren’t a current customer click here to read more about BinManager and how it will help you store your grain in peak condition until you are ready to sell.

*Moisture cables must be installed in the bin to get moisture readings.