Todd Sears


At IntelliFarms, there's a question I always ask: Does this product ignite passion and fit within our company's core value of "Bringing Profit and Value to the Farm?"

I’m thrilled you’re visiting our (recently updated) site and learning more about how IntelliFarms delivers on that question every day. Today’s independent farmers face real challenges, and our promise as your technology partner is to lead innovation and meet your needs both today and into the future.

I’m constantly monitoring pressures being placed on farmers —consolidation and centralization in corporate agriculture, a political and policy-making landscape that can leave independent farmers behind, and high prices and costs at every step from planting to selling.

My focus is to keep the American farmer working for himself. At IntelliFarms, we want to empower you and your farm to make more money and create a more secure future. That’s why our products are focused on giving the power to you, the independent farmer.

Over the coming months, I’ll be using this space on our website to discuss how we work to support for the American farmer and open dialogue about the real pressures farms today face.

I encourage you to watch for updates on this page, and to follow me on Twitter @IntelliFarms and on my LinkedIn page as well. I look forward to using these as means to continue conversations about how we can bring real value and profit to independent farms.