Samantha Scantlebury


t’s been an exciting month already with the opening of our first satellite office in Marshalltown, IA and the announcement of our second office opening next month in Columbus, NE. Turns out, there was more good news in store for us this month - the hard work of our employees has led to IntelliFarms being recognized by Ingram’s Magazine as one of the 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in Kansas City.

This is our first year on the annual KC list published by Ingram’s. It’s a great testament to the passion of our people. Back in 2010, IntelliFarms had just about five employees. Today, our headquarters and manufacturing operations in Archie, MO employee a staff of more than 50.

We’re proud to be the only agricultural firm to make this list, and I think it is noteworthy that a company based in little Archie, MO is thriving and growing just as fast as those in Kansas City. It shows you can stay committed to your rural roots, invest in the rural economy, and not only be competitive but successful, too!

The success of IntelliFarms has always been driven by word of mouth, and even as we’ve grown from a small team to a medium-sized company, the focus has always been to bring value to our customers, the farmers.

We know that to continue to serve our customers, we’ll have to continue to grow to meet them where they are. That’s why we’ve expanded to Iowa, and soon Nebraska. My commitment to my employees and to our customers is that, as much as we may grow, IntelliFarms will never outgrow our ability to build strong relationships with local growers and communities.

It’s a great honor and a credit to our dedicated employees to be recognized as one of KC’s fastest-growing companies, and ranks right there with being included in Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2014 and 2015. Congratulations to my team and thank you to our customers, partners, families and friends who’ve helped us get here