Todd Sears


Tomorrow, January 22, the IntelliFarms team is excited to be visiting North Central Kansas Technical College in Beloit, KS for a half-day seminar we’ve entitled “Farm of the Future.” We’ll be taking the IntelliFarms mission -- bringing value and profit to the farm -- with us.

When I talk about “presenting” the Farm of the Future, I don’t mean one of those cartoons we saw as kids where the technology has taken over all the farm tasks and chores. I’m talking about farms where power has been restored to independent farmers by providing them with the tools they need to make decisions based on the data and information that drive agriculture today.

Agriculture is evolving in new and exciting ways, bringing efficiency and opportunity to today’s farms. NCK Tech is a great host for this Farm of the Future event, because it’s a special opportunity for us to share our excitement about the power of ag technologies with students who will be heading to work on the farm after they graduate.

North Central Kansas Technical College offers three programs tied to farming in addition to several individual courses. NCK Tech is dedicated to being a leader in workforce development by maximizing value for students, employers and communities through educational excellence. We are proud to be able to further their goals by providing real-world experience and insight into the types of technologies available to farms today – even beyond our own.

The doors are open for others of the community to also join us for the event Friday. The session starts at 8:30 a.m. and wraps up by 11:30. We look forward to answering questions and discussing the real scenarios that members of the audience face.

IntelliFarms and Education

Because I’m committed first and foremost to empowering farmers and producers, I’m committed to educating people about the changes transforming agriculture. It’s why we host our IntelliFarms University grain school, where hundreds of farmers and dealer partners over the past several years have come to Archie to learn about the science of grain management and how to use data to maximize profits.

At NCK Tech, the IntelliFarms team will spend the morning highlighting the power of data, the value of using new biologicals technology to improve plant and soil health, best practices and new capabilities for drones on the farm and the types of innovations being made to make on-farm storage safer and more profitable. The session will wrap up with a drone flyover demonstration, which I think will be a big hit.

I’m confident this is just the beginning of a new foray into ag education for IntelliFarms, as we continue to present farmers and future farmers the knowledge and tools they need to tackle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.