IntelliFarms Announces TankManager™

IntelliFarms Team

TankManager | IntelliFarms

TankManager™, the liquid and propane bulk tank monitor, is the newest addition to the SureTrack FARM™ and SureTrack PRO™ management systems, providing inventory accuracy and seamless operation.

IntelliFarms has announced the release of TankManager, a hardware solution providing real-time monitoring of liquid and propane bulk tank inventories.

Available in both the SureTrack PRO and SureTrack FARM management system subscriptions, by purchasing TankManager, any bulk liquid or propane tank inventories can be monitored on the SureTrack dashboard anytime, anywhere.

The TankManager solution comes in two hardware choices: propane and liquid, and both options ship with a monitoring box and gauge, allowing for installation on any tank, new or old.

The monitors can be easily installed by affixing the magnetic portion to the desired location on the bulk tank and beginning data transmission.

Reporting frequencies can be adjusted to provide inventory updates at specific intervals with warnings and critical alarms for low or high tank levels. Re-order settings can be adjusted to order from a list of preferred suppliers when designated levels are reached. Manual reorder can also be selected.

Both hardware systems will also alert when tanks are filled or drawn from, providing up-to-date monitoring on the number of days until the tank is empty.

To learn more and add this hardware to your operation, contact our sales team at or call 855-206-5612.