Finding Your Way in a Potentially Crazy Market

IntelliFarms Team

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If this year hasn’t already brought all sorts of twists and turns and challenges, there will only be more as it comes time to harvest. The hunt for grain this year is going to be wild as processors try to secure the quality grain they need to stay in production, while merchandisers look for grain to fulfill contracts. This could leave farmers in the drivers’ seats, but they need to know what they have, who needs it and what others are willing to pay for it.

Know what you have. In order to capture the best prices for your grain it’s important to understand not only yield, but also quality characteristics. There are buyers willing to pay top dollar for grain that contains the exact quality characteristics they are looking for. If you can verify the quality of your grain, buyers are more apt to purchase and possibly even offer you premiums. But the key is knowing what you have.

The question becomes, how do you know what you have? As you harvest, test each truckload as it comes out of the field and store it based on characteristics. A grain analyzer allows you to test grain samples to capture oil, starch, protein and moisture contents. When you connect your grain analyzer with your SureTrack FARM™ account, it automatically reports the results of each sample as it’s taken. You can then choose to share your bin data with buyers, increasing your market potential.

Know who needs it. Whether you are looking for cash bids or looking to sell into specialty markets, SureTrack FARM can help. CashBidManager allows you to see the local cash prices up to a 400-mile radius from your farm and even calculates the profit per load based on your trucking expenses. Delivering a few more miles down the road could be the difference between profit and loss, ensure you always know the best payoff your grain.

MarketManager, on the other hand, allows you to connect with processors who are looking for specific quality characteristics. SureTrack FARM allows you to share your bin data with buyers so they can make offers directly to you, then you can easily accept or reject any offer you receive. MarketManager also allows processors to invite you to grow for them, allowing you to secure a market for your grain even before a single seed is in the ground.

What are others willing to pay? Any time a buyer comes to you with an offer, make sure to check CashBidManager to ensure you aren’t missing out on a better price in your area. This will help keep buyers honest and you in control of your revenue potential. Never miss out on a top dollar offer again when you set up pricing alerts at your favorite facilities.

In MarketManager, watch as offers are made on your quality grain then easily compare current market prices to ensure you are getting the best deal.

This year it’s going to be even more important than ever for you to do your research and know your options. Luckily, with the help of SureTrack FARM, you can easily keep your finger on the markets and know when it’s the right time to sell for your farm.