Farinograph Characteristics Lead to Potential New Markets

IntelliFarms Team

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Have you ever heard of a farinograph? If you’re a miller or baker I bet you know exactly what it is and why it’s important. A farinograph measures dough and gluten characteristics in flour samples. These characteristics are important when it comes to mixing, consistency and tolerance to mixing - all of which are critical to bakers.

You’re probably asking, why is this important to farmers? Knowing these characteristics can open new market opportunities for a farmer. There are millers and bakers who are looking for specific characteristics in the wheat they mill or the flour they use. Often these buyers are willing to pay premiums to get the exact grain they need.

SureTrack FARM™ now displays milling and farinograph characteristics for wheat samples provided by the farmer. As buckets of wheat are processed in our IntelliFarms’ Grain Lab in Archie, MO, we perform milling assessments that show key parameters such as stability, milling tolerance, absorption and more. These details are then shown within the farmer’s SureTrack FARM account helping them to know exactly what they have. And if the farmer has chosen to share his/her farm data, then these characteristics are available for buyers to review and opens new market opportunities and premiums.

IntelliFarms strives each day to help farmers grow for a purpose, to help them bring increased value and profit back to the farms. Stay tuned as we continue to bring new features and functions to your SureTrack FARM account.