Test for Success: EMC Testing Improves Grain Storage Success

IntelliFarms Team

Test for Success: EMC Testing
    Improves Grain Storage Success | IntelliFarms

Storage is one of the greatest management challenges your operation will face in any given year. That’s why you chose BinManager® and SureTrack FARM™ to help you navigate and manage those risks; we help mitigate those risks by precisely calibrating your BinManager based on the storage contents.

The Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) Curve test request is the newest prompt in your SureTrack FARM™ or SureTrack PRO™ account, and one of the most important tools you have in safeguarding your grain through the storage process, says Grain Lab Manager, John Schaefer.

“In order to get moisture content accurate in the bin, we have to get a sample from the bin itself,” he says. “Our sensors measure temperature and relative humidity. So, in the lab, we need to correlate that with grain moisture content. Every grain is different; every variety is different and there are a lot of things that affect that temperature-relative humidity-grain moisture content relationship.”

Once your sample arrives and is tested, the lab is able to determine that relationship and then release it so that you are able to select your variety or bucket in SureTrack FARM/PRO. In addition to receiving the information needed to precisely calibrate your BinManager, you will also receive your grain’s content level information including protein, oil and starch content levels. In addition, milling and baking characteristics will be provided for your submitted wheat samples.

Below is a checklist to help you get the best calibration possible and better understand what to expect once you have submitted your sample:

  • Fill out the label in its entirety: The more information the lab has, the better your calibration will be. The online submission form provides our staff with the information they need to print your bucket label and enter your information for calibration.

  • Collect a representative sample: Does your bin have more than one variety stored? Do you have high fines? Collect a sample with minimal fines and of the same quality as the majority of your bin. Retrieving a sample towards the end of coring may yield a representative sample, or sample retrieval at harvest if the fines are not too bad, or otherwise a sample from the top (not center) of the bin will suffice.

  • Harvest creates a backlog in our lab: Normal turn-around time for your samples will be around 3 weeks, from shipment through posted results. During harvest, expect this time frame to widen to 5 weeks. If you aren’t sure of the varieties stored in your bin, you can select the starting variety that we provide.

  • Testing is 100% free: We provide the buckets, shipping and testing at no charge.

  • Bucket request is simple: Requests can be made in your SureTrack FARM account, under one of your bins in the BinManager section. The Commodity Testing section is found on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on “Request Free Testing Service.” Fill out the submission form and wait for your sample buckets to arrive. Note: You will need to submit an online request for each bin you intend to sample.

We know that there is never a slow time on the farm, but by completing the free EMC testing, our team can help you to better manage your on-farm storage through a better calibrated BinManager system.