Todd Sears


Late spring is always an exciting time of year, as seed is in the ground and there’s already a lot emerging. You see the physical growth happening all around you, and start making plans accordingly to get the most from your yield this season.

Similarly, it’s an exciting time of growth for us at IntelliFarms. For years, we’ve been based in Archie, Missouri, and have had many successes in growing a strong relationship with the community and with the network of Missouri and Kansas growers in our area.

Since our origins, we’ve grown to have a nationwide base of customers and dealer partners. It’s time for us, as a company, to continue to grow in scale to better serve our customers where they are.

This is why I’m so excited to announce that next month, we’ll be opening up our first satellite office in Marshalltown, Iowa. Nestled right in the middle of the nation’s largest crop-producing state, Marshalltown gives us closer access to our Iowa customers and the ability to better connect with other producers and ag companies to better meet the changing needs in the industry.

Our remote office will have its grand opening on July 12, when we will host an educational workshop followed by an open house for anyone to attend. Our new office will be designed to serve mostly an educational purpose. IntelliFarms and our dealer partners will host monthly workshops to educate and have productive conversation about how to get more value from your farm by using technology. As we grow, the office will continue to grow in function and continue to help us better serve Iowa’s producers.

I encourage you to join us for our first workshop and open house event on July 12. If interested in more details or to RSVP, please contact Samantha Scantlebury at or 816.974.9228.

We are excited for this next step in our growth. I also want to extend gratitude to our partners, friends and families who have helped this once very small company grow to this point.