AGI SureTrack Announces Second Battle of the Seed Contest

AGI SureTrack Team

Battle of the Seed |
    AGI SureTrack

The second annual Battle of the Seed contest recognizes corn, soybean, wheat, rice and sorghum seed varieties with the highest protein, starch and oil contents; giving producers the information they need to grow for a purpose.

For the second year, AGI SureTrack is recognizing exceptional seed varieties in the Battle of the Seed contest and giving seed producers the opportunity to compete for $20,000 in AGI SureTrack products.

Geared to distinguish the most valuable seed varieties both on the farm and in the marketing channel, AGI SureTrack is providing grower and seed producer contestants the protein, starch and oil content information they need to identify high-value markets for their seed and grain.

The grain composition data each sample provides, allows a grower the ability to maximize their returns by growing for a purpose rather than yield, alone.

Battle of the Seed will host two divisions, farm and company, with first place winners announced in the protein, starch and oil categories.

To enter, contestants can drop off a Battle of the Seed entry box to any AGI SureTrack conference booth or mail it directly to the AGI SureTrack Grain Lab.

To learn more and request entry boxes, visit or call 855-206-5612.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win a coveted Battle of the Seed belt, and most importantly, don’t miss your opportunity to learn about the marketing potential your grain holds.