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Automated Grain Bin
Monitoring and Conditioning System


Smart storage for your hard work

SureTrack BinManager is the cornerstone of a system that integrates hardware, software and IoT sensors in order to constantly watch and manage moisture level and temperature changes inside your bins.

An AGI grain bin
A phone displaying the Suretrack application
An AGI field data manager
An AGI bin-manager

It’s easy to get started

Getting started is simple. We’ll help you retrofit your existing bins with SureTrack’s fully automated preservation and conditioning solution.

Check grain conditions from anywhere and everywhere.

Manage your grain condition anywhere there is an internet connection using your phone, tablet, or PC.

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Protect your harvest

Using traditional storage methods help maintain grain value and reduce losses, but you can significantly cut these losses and improve profits using smart storage technology from AGI SureTrack.

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An AGI storage bin
An icon depicting a bug
An icon depicting a heat or the sun
An icon depicting water
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An AGI storage bin
An AGI storage bin with icons depicting bug, water, heat, and wind hazards above it

Maximize your profits

Use AGI SureTrack to preserve grain quality, value and bushel weights, while preventing spoilage and shrinkage inside your bin

Save on
energy costs

With smart storage, your fans and heaters run only when productive air is present.

“The BinManagers™ paid for themselves the first year they were installed.”

Brad Berk

AGI SureTrack Customer

Brad Berk

Technology that pays for itself

With reduced spoilage and savings on energy costs, bin management often pays for itself within 2 years.

Eric Purvis
“You’ve got to have this system...It allows you to manage more with less.”

Eric Purvis

AGI SureTrack Customer

Mike Younger
“The peace of mind of knowing my grain is protected and monitored through a state-of-the-art system makes it all worth it.”

Mike Younger

AGI SureTrack Customer

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Maintain specialty characteristics

Preserve targeted grain quality and characteristics to command premium prices year after year.

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Smart storage is just the beginning

SureTrack Bin Monitoring is at the center of your Connected Farm.

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