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  • Pay after harvest
Includes equipment, software, and access to grain exchange

AGI Suretrack impact

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Know your seed

  • Learn about top-performing seed varieties
  • Dive into over 1.5 million individual field trials
  • Get insight into picking the best seed for your needs


Nurture the soil with science

  • Monitor real-time soil conditions of your fields
  • Know when the soil is at peak condition for planting
  • Make the most out of the nutrients you apply to the soil


Automate for efficiency

  • View fan and/or heating activity and automate for energy efficiency
  • Save on fan running costs by running fans, dryers, heaters when productive air is present

FieldData Manager

Grow without guesswork

  • Monitor real-time weather and soil conditions of your fields
  • Accurately measure rainfall, temperature, wind speed, and growing degree units


Keep your dryer in check

  • Monitor air pressure and temperature of the dryer and get updates via text/email
  • Check dryer status via a secure online account across a host of devices


Manage with certainty

  • Keep grain in peak condition to ensure maximum profit
  • Review inventory quantity and quality across your entire operation
  • Preserve the quality of your grains while achieving optimum moisture levels


Leverage grain science

  • Test your grain for protein, oil levels, starches, moisture and test weight
  • Take advantage of premium offers from buyers seeking specific grain characteristics


Never run on empty again

  • View inventory levels of propane, natural gas, diesel or any other kind of liquid tanks across devices
  • Send automatic refill requests to your provider or manage them manually


Sell with confidence

  • Maximize your ROI by viewing real-time cash bids for your harvest
  • Compare the closest markets with the most profitable markets in your area
  • Save favorite facilities and get alerts when certain price points are reached


Market with confidence

  • Share your crop information so interested parties can connect with you directly
  • View live demands from merchandisers, processors, and grain buyers
  • Review contract details including fulfillment, deliveries, and total revenue to date

From the leadership

Tim Close


AGI SureTrack is the only business tool available for farmers that brings together a suite of sensors – from the field to the bin – enabling complete farm management with real-time field activity data, market-leading grain handling, storage, and conditioning equipment, and an integrated grain exchange that allows farmers to find the best price for their product, and to market based on the actual content of their grain.

Todd Sears


We know how important it is to make technology available to our farmers, it’s often the difference between success and failure. Anything we can do to help our farmers be successful, we will do.

AGI Suretrack

SureTrack PRO™ is a comprehensive system that helps processors, merchandisers, and grain buyers source quality ingredients directly from farms.

Education and insights to help you grow for a purpose

  • Join us at our headquarters in Missouri to learn how you can use SureTrack FARM™ and SureTrack PRO™ to bring quality and profitability back to your farm
  • Featuring veteran speakers and industry leaders, the course is designed to cover the whole farming cycle, from seed to marketing